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Marketing Packages

The EventSA Marketing is done in-house by a top-notch SEO Engineer. Further to the standard marketing you receive from publishing your Event, Venue or Tickets on the EventSA Event Publishing and Marketing Network, you can sign up for one of these additional packages that will extend your social marketing and increase exposure to the connected public.
We endeavour to constantly grow our connected social networks to the benefit of your listings.
Additional Marketing Packages are as follows:


R65 per campaign

The social marketing package is included in all of our publishing packages excluding the free event publishing and the not-featured “Once-Off Event Publishing” packages as per our Price Chart.
Utilise this package to double up on your publicity or to market your free or not-featured event.

This consists of:


R350 per campaign

The Twitter campaign consists of 8 custom tweets of your design. We automatically include #Hashtags relating to your Event or Venue’s location ie. #EventSAWC #WesternCape #CapeTown as well as a shortened link to your page on the EventSA Network. 3 Random tweets are sent out per day for the duration of 1 week with an option to repeat the campaign(at a reduced cost) for a maximum period of 4 weeks. You will also be able to set specific times(Twitter API dependent) for each tweet to take place if you wish and curate tweets from our Affiliated Partners’ Twitter accounts.
Correspondence to Twitter messages and replies to tweets are not included. The platforms serves predominantly as a notification system.
Twitter campaigns are only available to registered users of that have active listings.


  • Depending on your location; each custom tweet will be limited to approximately 90 characters.
  • You may not include links to websites or pages that do not relate to your Event or Venue.
  • All links you add will be converted to a shortlink.


Various options are available

The FaceBook promotion campaign is extremely effective in promoting your EventSA event or venue page to specific demographics.


  • You will need an image with dimensions:
  • Your Promotion headline and text can differ from your page.
  • Your promotional ad will be limited to x characters