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Event Listing with the EventSA Network South Africa

Posting an Event on the EventSA Network is easy. Firstly, decide if you would like to subscribe to a multiple listing package, or are simply wanting to list an once-off event. Have a look at our pricing structures over here and what they entail.

List an event by choosing the province your event takes place in. If your event is nationwide or an online event; select the National (SA) option.

If you would like to submit events in multiple provinces; you will need to subscribe to individual packages in each province.

Adding an event allows you to add a link to your website, as well as links to the most popular social media platforms, be it your Facebook Page, Twitter profile or other.

Once you have added your event, completed the required information and selected your payment option; the event will enter a dormant phase until your payment has been confirmed. Your listing will then be moderated by us to ensure no foul play or unruly material has been submitted. This moderation is usually done within 8 hours of payment but can take up to 72 hours before being given the all-clear from our team. If you have selected a multiple listing package, you will be allowed to add events at your leisure bearing in mind that we still reserve the right to veto an event if we discover any attempt to manipulate or spam the system. All events added are subject to the moderation period of 72 hours.

Successfully published events undergo significant marketing on the EventSA Social Marketing Network. In most cases the published event will appear in Google searches within hours of its placement on our website and will instantly be searchable on Twitter by using our simple Twitter Search Formula. All event listings will be tweeted a minimum of 6 times before the event takes place. Tweets include the date of your event, the provincial #HashTag and city or town name #HashTag as well a link to your event listing on These tweets will be evenly spaced over the run up to your event date. The province which your event is taking place in will determine the Twitter accounts used to market your event.

All event listings will also be tweeted by our master Twitter account namely @EventSA. Other provincial Twitter accounts on the network include @EventSAWC (Events in the Western Cape), @EventSAEC (Events in the Eastern Cape), @EventSANC (Events in the Northern Cape), @EventSAGP (Events in Gauteng), @EventSAMP (Events in Mpumalanga), @EventSALP (Events in Limpopo province), @EventSANW (Events in the North West province), @EventSAKZN (Events in Kwa-Zulu Natal) and @EventSAFS (Events in the Free State province). Several other affiliated and influential Twitter accounts have been nurtured over many years to assist in reaching a wider audience in the Twitter-sphere.

All Multiple Event Listing subscribers will have the additional benefit of having their Twitter ID added to our trusted ReTweet list – enabling our system to search for and RT (ReTweet) tweets relating to their listings.

Each published event will also be posted to our Facebook Page as well as the relevant Google+ page for the event location.

All events get added to the EventSA Calendar for that particular city or town as well as on the Provincial Google Calendar giving you the opportunity to save and share these with your colleagues and friends.

Additional Marketing Packages allow you to increase your event’s publicity on the EventSA Social Marketing Network.

By adding your Event Venue, you can practically double your event exposure. Information on adding your Venue is over here.