Searching Twitter for Events

EventSA has been developed to closely integrate with Twitter; allowing for live and up to date event notifications.

Our simple formula works as follows:

Sign in to your Twitter Twitter account and click in the search field.

Type the provincial EventSA #HashTag ie. #EventSAWC for Western Cape, #EventSAGP for Gauteng, #EventSAEC for Eastern Cape, #EventSAMP for Mpumalanga, #EventSAKZN for Kwa-Zulu Natal, #EventSAFS Free State, #EventSANC for Northern Cape, #EventSANW for North West or #EventSALP for Limpopo followed by a city or town name #HashTag ie. #CapeTown, #Durban or #Johannesburg etc. and press enter.

Twitter will display the most recent EventSA events in it’s search results.

If you prefer, you could scroll through the most recent Tweets for each province as well by simply searching for our EventSA provincial Twitter account ie @EventSAWC (Western Cape), @EventSAGP (Gauteng), @EventSAEC (Eastern Cape), @EventSAMP (Mpumalanga), @EventSAKZN (Kwa-Zulu Natal), @EventSAFS (Free State), @EventSANC (Northern Cape), @EventSANW (North West) or @EventSALP (Limpopo) and viewing the Twitter profile feed for our latest updates.

Our master Twitter profile namely @EventSA will be updated with all the listed events nationwide.